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Computers are one of the basic equipments that businesses need today. Irrespective of the nature of business, it is virtually impossible to think of a day without their help. From updating appointments to client interaction, accounts to detailed reports, everything is done on computers today. Needless to say that computer services are a significant resource for any business.

Max Tech Solutions is your one stop destination for anything that you may need regarding computers. We offer all types of computer services to businesses. We also cater to personal laptops and desktops. You may have a problem with your computer systems, may need to procure some new devices or may simply want to have a regular checkup of all the networks and systems that you have in your office premises, Max Tech Solutions is the resource for all your computer service requirements and IT solutions.

Here is a quick glimpse on some of the types of computer services and IT solutions that we offer.

Computer Setup

You may be a new business looking for new computers, an existing business looking to upgrade or you are opening up a new office and want to have the latest computer systems installed, Max Tech Solutions can help you with the entire computer setup process.

It is not possible for everyone to know about all the latest desktops and laptops. Then there is a question of price, you would certainly have a budget. We know which computers would be perfect for your requirements and would also be able to offer our expertise so that you can stay within the defined budget while setting up your computer systems. Our computer services offer a start to finish solution for your business.

Computer Tune Up

Computers have a tendency to depreciate just like any other device. New computers would operate faster and you would have a pleasant experience which would get affected with time. We offer a specific type of computer service wherein your computers can be tuned up to offer the same old experience that you enjoyed. The computers that had gone slow, took more time to boot and threw up several errors would be made as good as new through our computer services.

Data Backup

Data is priceless, for a business computer as well as a personal computer. Some computers would end up having data of several months to a few years and it is absolutely essential that there is a backup made from time to time. Your office or home may not have the necessary external storage options or resources to have the backup but Max Tech Solutions has.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a life saver for businesses and persons who have for some reason not managed to have a proper backup in place. Losing data that has been acquired and stored for months and years can be traumatic for anyone but there are ways to recover data that apparently appear to be lost and inaccessible. We have the resources to recover your data and this computer service is also prompt. Hence, your business does not need to suffer any time lapse and from operational problems.

Email Setup

Businesses need to have an official email and free email hosting providers such as Google and Hotmail are best for personal use. Max Tech Solutions’ computer services can offer you a complete email setup. We can book the domain that you would want for your company, host them on our name servers and offer the server space that you would need your emails to be stored at. You do not need to have any hardware in place or worry anything about ensuring that your email domain stays live all the time.

Hardware Install

From time to time there is a requirement to opt for new hardware. Upgrades are always required in the world of computers, from a better RAM to an external DVD writer or extra Hard Disk or Solid State Drives. Our computer services would not only get you the required hardware but also cater to the installation process. Now, you do not need to trouble yourself if the piece of hardware has been installed correctly and if there would be any functional problems.

Hardware Repair

The Optical Drives may create a problem, the Monitors or the TFTs may have some issues over time. In such cases you do not need to opt for new computers but simply need them to be repaired. It is not only a cost saving exercise but also a more convenient one.

Operating System Install

Every year we get to see newer versions of popular operating systems. Every operating system has a set of hardware requirements and need deft installation to operate seamlessly. We can ensure that your operating system is installed perfectly and you do not face any hiccups while working on your computers.

Printer Setup

Although printer setups are not a very difficult task but given the problems most people face with printers on an ongoing basis, our computer services can ensure that your printers are perfectly set up and also maintained so you do not face a problem when you have to print that service level agreement urgently.

Software Install & Setup

Depending on the nature of your business and its requirements, there are several software that you may need. We offer complete solutions wherein we can get you the required software, install them and perform every setup task.

Technology Consultation

You would certainly want to have the best technology in your office, from the processors, keyboards to the LCDs. A consultation with Max Tech Solutions can ensure that you do not make the wrong choices and get the most out of your investments.

Virus & Spyware Removal

More than half of the problems associated with computers are due to virus and spyware. We have the resources to ensure that your computers remain virus free and you do not have downtimes.

Wireless Networking

If you need to set up a wireless network in your office or need routers, switches and similar hardware then we can offer complete IT solutions that would allow you to focus on the core of your business while we work as the technical support system which is what we do best.