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At Maxtechsolution we are completely dedicated to providing professional and personal computer repair services to surrounding DFW Texas areas. Whether you're experiencing problems with viruses, the infamous blue screen error, broken laptop LCD, network setups or even web design; we are your technology connection.

Computer Repair Service

Max Tech Solutions offers a plethora of computer repair services as well as laptop repair services. While many would try to fix some issues with computers on their own, it is always better to have a pair of practiced hands to cater to any computer or laptop repair service.

What Computer Repair Services Does Max Tech Offers

There can be hundreds of problems with your laptop or computer. It may be affected by virus, the hard disk may crash, the monitor may throw a blue screen or may not simply boot up, the optical drives can malfunction, there may be software issues or operating system related problems and many more.

Whatever problem you may be facing with your computer, Max Tech has a solution. Whether your personal computer needs some repair services or you want to have several computers and laptops at your office to be repaired, we can get the job done.

Max Tech Solutions Offer A Free Diagnosis

It is easy to point out that a computer needs some repairing but most service providers would not get into the details. At Max Tech, we do not jump to conclusions. When you have some problem with your laptops or computers, we carefully study the whole machine and look for one or all the issues that may be plaguing the device.

We make a list of repair services that are required after a thorough diagnosis and then offer you a quote. This entire diagnosis is completely free and you do not need to worry about unauthorized repairing and then the need to pay a bill.


What you do is simply drop your computer or laptop off, in case your office has several computers, give us a call and we can arrange for an onsite diagnosis and you get to know what problems need to be fixed in order to have your machines up and running again.

Max Tech Solutions Offers You A Quote Prior To Offering Computer Repair Services

We do not believe in simply going for computer and laptop repair services to make some money even if the repairing is avoidable or unwise. Yes, some repairing may be avoidable and some repairing can be very costly. We will never ask you to hire our computer repair services which would cost you so much that spending a bit extra to buy a new computer or laptop would be a better move. We want to offer solutions to your computer problems and not create an additional problem.

Why Choose Max Tech Solutions

For a reason as simple as a business principle! Max Tech Solutions does not desire to do business with a few clients and charge hefty to make substantial profits. Our objective is to make small profits but offer our services to a lot of customers and deal in volumes. That way, customers can save money and we get to expand our business as well. Neither you lose nor do we. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the financial statements for you and for us.

Feel free to call us or stop in for a free diagnostics.