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At Maxtechsolution we are completely dedicated to providing professional and personal computer repair services to surrounding DFW Texas areas. Whether you're experiencing problems with viruses, the infamous blue screen error, broken laptop LCD, network setups or even web design; we are your technology connection.

Data Recovery Service

Having a data recovery solution has become unavoidable for businesses today. There can be several reasons that may lead you to lose data stored on a computer. Moreover such incidents happen without any cognizable warning, which makes it absolutely essential to have a data recovery service in the first place.

Common Causes Of Loss Of Data

Technically, there can be several reasons why your hard disk drives or solid state drives may lose some or all of the data that had been stored.

- Physical Crash

Hard drives can get physically damaged. It may be owing to mishandling of the drives during installation, during some repairing of some hardware parts, while upgrading the drives or similar physical interventions. Old hard drives can get worn out and such parts would always have a tendency to lose partial data or all of it.

Hard drives do not necessarily need external intervention to get damaged. There can be a circuit failure of the PCB board that is attached to the hard drive, there can be a failure in the read and write heads of the hard drive, the motors fail often as well or the platters where the data is stored can get damaged due to some reason.

All such aspects are classified as a physical crash and although at times you may observe a ticking or scratching noise to indicate a hard drive physical crash, often you may not observe any symptoms until you are unable to access any or some of your data.

- Logic Crash

Logic crash is more commonly the cause of data loss than physical crash. This normally happens due to human error and other external factors. Technically it is logical corruption or damage to a file system. The common errors are when a user accidentally deletes some or all stored data, a drive is unintentionally formatted, any system file has been damaged rendering the data to be inaccessible in which case the data may not be lost but would be inaccessible and the user cannot open, read or edit any data stored in the affected portioned drive or in the entire hard drive.

Viruses are also the cause of data loss more often than frequent. Whichever type of problem leads to loss of data, a data recovery service is the only solution.

Small Business Data Recovery Solution At Max Tech

We understand the significance of your data and we recommend the following steps to ensure a fail proof data recovery service.

1. You may have sufficient free space on your computers and have a firewall in place or an effective and efficient antivirus, yet you should always take regular backup of all data. That would include system files, documents and every type of data that you would have on the computers.

2. The backup data must be meticulously stored on servers, DVDs and such storage options which can act as a quick data recovery solution.

3. Data backup and recovery is not a very difficult task but is certainly a time consuming one. This is where our small business data recovery solution comes in. We can take care of all these nitty-gritty while you can relax that your computers, data and hence business is in safe hands.

You can easily schedule regular backup sessions with Max Tech.