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At Maxtechsolution we are completely dedicated to providing professional and personal computer repair services to surrounding DFW Texas areas. Whether you're experiencing problems with viruses, the infamous blue screen error, broken laptop LCD, network setups or even web design; we are your technology connection.

Network Design Service

Businesses normally have more than one computer at workplace. It is not uncommon for small to medium businesses to have anywhere from 5 computers to 20 workstations or even more. Network design plays an integral role in such workplaces. Standalone computers have a lot of limitations which our convenient network design service can seamlessly connect and offer you the resources that you need.

Small Business Network Design Solution At Max Tech

A network design is to connect different computers on one platform. Wired network solutions have been there for a while and businesses are readily switching to wireless network designs. While whether you would prefer to have a small business network design through wired systems or using wireless technology is a choice for you to make, one cannot overlook the obvious advantages of a network design solution in the first place.

Advantages Of A Good Network Design Solution

Some of the most common advantages of a small business network design solution are:

1. All the computers are on a shared network which enables all employees to be on the same page. Communicating and sharing files do not need portable devices, emails or ftp servers but can simply be shared and accessed through shared folders. It is not only a time saving exercise but also a convenient one. You can access all the information that you want and so can your employees from any machine in the office. Whether you want to source the accounts statement or an update report from some of your staffs' computers, you can do all that right from your computer that is also connected to the network.

network design

2. Printers and scanners have become as important as computers. A small business may need to use the printers and scanners quite a few number of times in a day. The need may arise for any of your staffs to print or scan some documents, images, quotes or anything for that matter. Having a network design solution in place, the printers and scanners can be connected to every computer despite being located at a suitable place in the office. Staffs or you can easily print or scan from any computer and there is no need to transfer files or have a dedicated computer connected to the printer or scanner.

We Offer A Complete Network Design Service

Max Tech has the expertise in dealing with all types of networks, wired and wireless. We provide on-site and remote network design, implementation, service and support for: LAN - WAN Routers, Internet Gateways Remote Access, Windows 2000, 95, 98, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Wireless Networks, Wi-Fi, 802.11x Network Wiring (new and upgrades).

Our small business network solution can be summed up as follows:

  1. - Ethernet cable running and bundling
  2. - Routing, bridging, and wireless hardware setup
  3. - Complete IP network security, including firewall, DMZ, and NAT setups
  4. - Remote desktop and terminal access
  5. - Network failover and redundancy

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